The Jesus Net



The Jesus Net is a group of youth Christian disciples and that are leading their generation in serving Christ and making sure the gospel is spread across the globe. They are also adult leaders and youth advocates. They are masterminds with spiritual insight and a devotion to God. They are on a mission to revolutionize the minds and hearts of all they encounter and spread love in the process. Join the Jesus Net now and do your good works in the world for God! Visit us on Facebook at to follow our posts and on Pinterest at to follow our board and pins.
Check out the two songs above for inspiration, the first one "I Will Go" is our theme song!
There are four different discipleship levels that you can choose from when you become a Jesus Net disciple member. They are Youth/Adult Disciple, Youth/Adult Disciple Workshop Leader, Youth/Adult Disciple Service Leader, and Youth/Adult Disciple Witness Leader, and Youth/Adult Disciple Worship Leader.  Choose one of the above when you fill out the form below. If you want more information about each level email Cicely at Members from each level can form Mastermind Circles, model leadership and lead and facilitate activities, worship and group meetings.


So, how do you become a Jesus Net member and spread the good news and be ready for the revealing of the book of the Revelation? Well, fill out the form below and sign up now. You will be contacted about your next step in becoming a member and we will send you the list of disciple member roles so you can choose how you want to serve. All free!
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