​Rainbow Wings Scholars

Rainbow Universe Pageants is always open to sponsors to support all of our pageants. We are a community service based pageant system and we support the personal development and well-being of youth.The youth that participate in our pageants are sometimes in need of assistance as they compete, win scholarships,  and we have other expenses that need support, and therefore, we partner with several organizations and individuals to provide that support and sponsor the pageants we produce annually. We provide scholarships to our titlewinners through our Rainbow Wings Scholars program. The money goes directly to their personal accounts for education or other expenses. You can also donate anything non-monetary on the list of our second package (see packages below). We have nine levels of sponsorship and two different sponsor packages. Please take some time to view our packages below and let us know what you can do to help. Click the donate button below and choose your level of sponsorship. You can register as a sponsor right now by clicking the red    "Sponsors Registration Button "  link  below! In return we will showcase your brand and your name to thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your contribution!

Rainbow Wings Scholars is a scholarship foundation that operates as a sole proprietor, and provides scholarship awards for pageant title winners.  The money we receive from our sponsors goes directly to this scholarship fund and is distributed to contestants as they win their titles.  The scholarship fund can also be used for wardrobe purchases and items needed for the pageant competition, as we open our doors to underserved and low-income youth that may not be able to afford the expenses associated with competing in a pageant.  Each contestant is assigned a personal account that they can retrieve the money awarded to them from. Those that remain members are eligible for fundraising training for educational or business purposes. If you are interested in being a sponsor and contributing to our scholarship fund please click here for more information about applying!
Our sponsorship wing levels:​​​​

Non-Monetary Package 1
Red Wings – Subscriptions
Orange Wings – Movie Tickets
Yellow Wings – Toys/Gadgets
Green Wings – Clothing/Shoes/Accessories
Blue Wings – Store Gift Card
Indigo Wings – Amusement Park Tickets
Violet Wings – Gamestop or other Gaming Card
Pink Wings – Prepaid Gift Card
Tan Wings – Electronics

Monetary Package 2

Red Wings – $1000
Orange Wings – $2000
Yellow Wings – $3000
Green Wings – $4000
Blue Wings – $5000
Indigo Wings – $6000
Violet Wings – $7000
Pink Wings – $8000
Tan Wings – $9000
Sponsors Registration Link

Package 1 - Non-Monetary

Package 2 - Monetary