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The RUP  History
Rainbow Universe Pageants  (RUP) was created by National Director and Founder, Cicely Majeed.  It began as a direct result of her experience within another pageant system. Cicely was a contestant in her teen years in several pageants in Orange County, CA, even winning the Contestant’s Choice Award given to the young lady who best embodied the spirit of the pageant as voted on by the other contestants. That was the start of her love of pageants.
After moving to Camarillo, CA and working for a well-known nonprofit organization, she was inspired to re-establish her own business, Cages 2 Wings (which has now become a department of the parent company Angelic Rainbow Enterprises, LLC) and, as part of that parent company, looked for a pageant system that she could bring under that umbrella.  After much research, she thought she had found an organization that aligned with her values and goals and open doors to bigger and better thing as she pursued her passion of working with youth.  There was no high glitz involved and they gave to charity.  Sadly, what was promised and what was delivered in terms of support was counter to all Cicely had been told. 

She made the decision to move on from that organization and was determined to create something that upheld the integrity of the type of program she envisioned.  Out of this, Rainbow Universe Pageants was born, a quality pageant system with a post production membership for youth, that has a strong, accessible support system for those associated with RUP:Contetants, Directors, Vendors, Judges, Volunteers, parents and guardians.
Cicely is a self-proclaimed “brain junkie”. She has spent years studying the brain, not only about how it works, but what can happen to this vital organ if it isn’t taken care of properly.  To that end, she has a background in studying the adolescent brain.  Girls and boys are both already beautiful, but those with intellect, self-esteem, and confidence take on an inner beauty as well. This is our Preliminary, State and National platform.



We embrace the nurturing of inner beauty through intellectual development, creative arts, understanding of fitness and nutrition, and emotional awareness and coaching youth to enhance their personal development as they embrace boldness, courage, wisdom and strength to become peaceful, calm, centered and relaxed individuals.


Rainbows: harmony, connection to mankind, unity, chakra energy centers
Motto: Follow Ur Rainbow
Wings Symbolism: Spread Your Wings & Fly, freedom, flight, ascension, lifting spirits
Impressions: contestants make impressions on judges, audience, public, etc.
Brain Challenge: 7 day challenge to challenge the brain, think higher and more critically, fun games
Pre-Pageant Workshops – prepare contestants for competition

Brainy Gals & Guys membership - to sustain emotions and maintain quest for healthy self-esteem and a healthy confidence level
Community Service: we give back and serve our planet


Our vision is to create an innovative, creative, and loving environment for youth, conducive to developing their personal demeanor, character and attitude in a positive, spiritual, and wise way. We strive to elevate minds, master emotions, and give youth the foundation to build lives of excellence.

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RUP Overview
Cicely Majeed
CEO/National Director
Cicely has over 10 years experience as a Youth Advocate for troubled and at-risk youth, Behavior Therapist, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitatior, Motivational Speaker and Brain Trainer specializing in Self-Esteem, Leadership, & Emotional and Behavioral metamorphosis. She is the founder and CEO of Angelic Rainbow Enterprises, LLC, which includes The Jesus Net, Butterfly Wings Productions, Cages 2 Wings, Rainbow Universe Pageants, Sandalphon’s Heart & Home, THINKHigher Spirit Academy and Rainbow Youth Wellness & Social Club. To view more information about Cicely's credentials click on the presentation under her photo.
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