Butterfly Wings Productions
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Butterfly Wings Productions is the production company where all pageants for Rainbow Universe Pageants are produced under. Youth from Sandalphon's Heart & Home will be participating in pageant productions as part of their bootcamp healing program. It is a membership and an entertainment studio for youth to safely express their emotions and creative talents with dance, singing, acting, filmmaking, poetry, modeling and entrepreneurship. View our presentation below to get more detailed information about our programs and services in this department.

Our Programs & Services​

•Black Diamonds Modeling & Film Making
•Flowetry Spoken Word Poetry
•On Da Wings Dancing
•Crystal Lyrics Singing
•Mirror Mirror Monologues
•Rainbow Universe Pageants  
•Tru Bizz Entrepreneurs
•Be Me Image Consulting

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Butterfly Wings Productions Presentation Overview
Legends & Leaders Membership Application

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Legends & Leaders Guidelines & Fees

Membership Info

As a member you get tons of freebies, VIP treatment & access to events, free workshops, retreat invites, and much more...

All contestans become automatic members post pageant production.

Also, BWP offers an exclusive Membership called Legends & Leaders for youth interested in pursuing a career in the music or entertainment industry. Youth will have the option to sign up during workshop sign ups. If you are a music or entertainment legend or leader in the industry and would like to sponsor one of our youth view the guidelines and fees above and fill out the application. We will contact you with further information.

Butterfly Wings is the Production company where youth will be able to engage in workshops and activities to express their emotions safely and train for future careers in the entertainment industry.
Check out some of the entertainment programs our youth members can get involved in as a part of Sandalphon's Heart & Home and Rainbow Universe Pageants membership.
These videos are from YouTube but they depict what our youth will be doing for the Butterfly Wings Production company.
Events will be posted on our website with ticket information far in advance of the production starting in 2019!



Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken Word Poetry



Film Making