Become A Brand Ambassador for Youth!

RUP is on a mission to help youth find their path to excellence with our very unique and innovative program. We need youth advocates and people who believe in our cause and support our mission to engage our target market and audience and Blast Our Brand so they will be drawn and attracted to our brand. We are searching for passionate individuals that believe in what we are doing for youth all over the United States first and then the whole world. We need your help and are willing to pay for it.

Apply to be a RUP Angel Brand Ambassador and we’ll pay you for any business you bring our way. That means engaging youth to sign up as contestants, securing sponsors, and obtaining volunteers and vendors. If we hire you we will provide full training before you get started.
 How does it work?
For LinkedIn Contacts & Connections:

1. Apply with your LinkedIn profile by sending a message that you are interested.

2. Then you will receive an invitation to fill out a registration form and do a video interview.

3. If we like what we see and hear you will receive an invitation to join our RUP Brand Ambassador group on LinkedIn.

4. Attend training by RUP for 1 week (online if you are out of state) and get certified as an RUP Brand Ambassador.

5. Earn $$ for any business that you sign up (again bring in contestants, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers).

We will pay you for each contestant, vendor, or sponsor you refer to our business:

1. Each contestant registered with signed contract
2. Each sponsor secured with fee paid
3. Each vendor secured with fee paid
4. Each volunteer that signs up fully registered and job slot chosen

All other interested parties you can fill out the registration form here

If you have questions before you decide to register to be a Brand Ambassador you can contact Cicely via text @ 323-342-7907 or via email @